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The calculation of the financing is the requirement of every person interested in taking out a loan. However, not all the systems adopted are the same and it is of primary importance to make sure that the one chosen is reliable and accurate. To provide a valuable resource in this perspective, we have decided to present the small loan simulation Social Institute ex Government Agency. This guide will allow you to develop your own personalized repayment plan.

Social Institute loans for civil servants and retirees: the small loan

Social Institute loans for civil servants and retirees: the small loan

The Small Social Institute ex ex Government Agency loan is part of the credit lines provided directly by Social Institute. We are talking about a proposal conceived to respond to requests for financing for public employees and pensioners enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

It is a credit line characterized by a repayment plan that varies considerably, from a starting threshold corresponding to one year up to the 48-month limit.

For an evaluation of the financing proposal it is essential to consider the impact of the rate: a fixed TAN of 4.25% is available. In addition to this, other factors such as costs are relevant. A matter that is divided into two components, namely the risk provision premium and administrative expenses. The latter correspond to 0.50%.

Online calculation Small Government Agency loan: how to do it

Online calculation Small Government Agency loan: how to do it

We come to the procedures on the small loan simulation Social Institute. The calculation takes place using the official portal. From this page, the link relating to the Institute’s services, ie “All services”, will be selected.

This will open a new page listing the services alphabetically. Those listed under the “G” of Public Employee Management will then be identified.

At this point it will be easy to find the simulation functionality of the small loan and of the multi-year ones. Now you have reached the actual calculation functionality.

For the small Social Institute loan simulation, just enter your net salary and date of birth. With these two variables only, Social Institute Government Agency direct loans will be envisaged.

Details of each loan, including the Small loan, will be provided. From the duration to the rate, from the maximum and minimum sum achievable, passing through the net values, the costs and the value of the installment.

The other variants of calculation

The other variants of calculation

Those who already had in mind what type of installment or what amount to request from the Institute can use the other two simulation variants. Both are accessible using the menu shown on the left in the central body of the page.

A different small Social Institute loan simulation procedure involves the use of the loan tables. Available within the Institute’s handbook.


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